Friday Link Round-Up

Here's your last collection of links for July:

  • Projects Are the New Job Interview–For many jobs, especially knowledge work, employers are increasingly turning to the use of small projects as a way for job seekers to demonstrate their value prior to hiring. 
  • Preparing for the BEST: Economic Security and Career Literacy Resource Guide–from the folks at Jobs for the Future, this guide provides an overview of resources developed by WOW to help frontline staff and directors of workforce development organizations support low-income individuals. It introduces the Basic Economic Security Tables Index, a database that measures the resources needed for economic security while accounting for family size and location. This is accompanied by an overview of how training programs can use the BEST Index in recruitment and program design.
  • Tackling Youth Unemployment: Lessons from Europe–This briefing paper argues that countries with strong ‘transition systems’ are associated with lower levels of youth unemployment and disengagement. Key features of these systems include a range of high quality pathways into skilled jobs, such as apprenticeships, and early exposure to the workplace through high quality and regular work placements. The requires reforms to strengthen the quality frameworks for apprenticeships and other vocational qualifications and incentives for employers to provide more high quality work experience and training placements