Friday Link Round-Up

Another Friday, another set of links:

  • To Fix Skills Gap, Think Local–The National Fund for Workforce Solutions writes that locally-focused industry-based partnerships with employers are having an impact in getting low-wage workers into middle-skill careers. 
  • Why Job Hunting is So Hard and How to Make it Easier–Most people aren't prepared to job search and haven't had much practice doing it and if they haven't job searched in the last couple of years, the process has changed substantially. Tips on how to deal with these factors. 
  • How McJobs Have Replaced Middle Class Jobs-Mid-wage jobs, such as construction trades and secretaries, accounted for 60 percent of our employment drop during the recession but made up just 22 percent of the recovery through the first quarter of 2012, according to the most recent Current Population Survey data. Low-wage occupations, such as retail and food service workers, made up 21 percent of the losses and 58 percent of growth.