Upcoming GSETA Institute Training on Helping GA/TANF and UI Exhaustees Find Employment

The GSETA Institute is sponsoring two one-day training sessions in the Northern/Central and Southern regions in October that will cover two topics: 

Real Steps on How to Get Your GA and TANF Customers on the
Road to Employment

Did you know that

  • Almost 85% of available jobs in
    less than 15 years will require college.
  • About 75% of jobs in 15 years have
    not been invented as yet.
  • Advancing technologies are
    eliminating low-skills jobs?

As Career
Counselors, these statistics from the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce are both
intriguing and overwhelming as we are charged with assisting customers in
realizing their employment goals. To complicate things even further, the
employment landscape has significantly changed over the past several years with
the declining economy and the use ofhigh tech employment practices including
social media and extensive criminal background checks.

Participants will learn:

  • How the employment landscape has
    significantly changed and the implications of these changes.
  • About tools
    and resources that they can use to help their TA and TANF Customers realize
    their employment goals.

Unemployment Insurance Exhaustees Reclaim their Lives

Imagine giving
your all to a company for 10, 15 …even 30 years only to arrive at work to hear
that your services are no longer needed. This loss of employment has not only
impacted these individuals income but has significantly distorted their perception
of self. Hence, many have found themselves in a situation where they have to
redefine themselves as well as navigate the changes in the employment arena. Getting
back into “the game” can be and for many, has been demoralizing and difficult.

interactive workshop will address the challenges many Unemployment Insurance Exhaustees,
a colloquial term used to refer to individuals who have exhausted all of their
unemployment benefits, are facing as they attempt to redefine themselves to
meet the demands of the labor market…

Participants will learn about:

  • The emotional implications of losing employment that many UI
    Exhaustees face
  • Available  tools
    and resources that could be helpful in helping their customers to become
    unstuck and move forward

The Northern/Central Region training is on October 16 and the Southern region training is on October 23.