WIBs and One Stops on YouTube

Increasingly, many WIBs and One Stops are turning to YouTube to sell their services to job seekers and employers.

In most cases (as you'll see in the examples below), these videos highlight programs and services. But YouTube could also be used to provide educational video, such as how to complete an online application or how to address particular interview questions. You can also create your own YouTube channel, which allows you to create Playlists of videos created by others on YouTube that might be useful to your business or job seeker customers. 

Here are a few examples of how WIBs are using YouTube to communicate their messages. 

Suburban Hennepin and Carver County WIB–Job Seeker Services



Suburban Hennepin and Carver County WIB–Business Services

City of Los Angeles WIB


Tri-County WIB