33rd Annual Garden State Employment and Training (GSETA) Workforce Development Conference, October 7th – 8 th at Bally’s Hotel Resort in Atlantic City

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October 5th, 2015

“Jobs are still the most important goal for many Americans who are struggling to find jobs and a career path,” said Jeffrey Swartz, GSETA President and Executive Director of the Workforce Investment Board (WIB) for Camden County. “Our organization provides training necessary for people to land the right job.”

The annual conference is geared towards improving workforce development strategies across the country. It draws attendees from all levels, from direct service staff and managers to board members, employers, adult educators and others involved in workforce development.

“This broad-based involvement makes the conference a great shared learning experience,” said Perry Schwarz, conference chairperson.

“Through the leadership of the Workforce Development Boards, local program operators and administrators and our labor and workforce development partners, we have developed workshops this year that help staffers in delivering a seamless continuum of services to our diverse customers,” Swartz explained. “The bottom line is to help people get jobs.”

The conference includes workshops, exhibitors, award presentations, a keynote speaker and more. Click here for complete information on the conference: http://www.gseta.org/conference/

Workshops include national presenters such as Mike Fazio, Founder/CEO. Workforce 180 LLC.

This year’s workshops include:

  • Apprenticeships USA –Encouraging Partnerships and Collaboration between the Workforce Investment System and Registered Apprenticeship Programs
  • Board Management for Workforce Development Boards
  • Using Data to Manage, Monitor& Measure Business Engagement

GSETA’s 2015 Corporate Partnership Award goes to Amazon Corporation, for working with Mercer County in hiring its initial workforce of 1400 people for its one million square foot Fulfillment Center in Mercer County and helping to facilitate employment.

GSETA’s 2015 Harry Wheeler Professional of the Year Award goes to Eileen Higgins, Executive Director of the Monmouth County Workforce Development Board.

The Sharon Dutra Memorial Star Awards will be presented to one success story in each county for their student training efforts. The lists of award winners, workshops, exhibitors and speakers are all on the conference’s web page: http://www.gseta.org/conference/

“The best social welfare program is a job,” said Jeff Swartz. “It’s our job to connect our clients with those jobs and help train them for success. This conference helps train the trainers with the newest, most innovative techniques to do just that.”

For more information or interview opportunities, contact:

Frank Filipek, Jr., Marketing Chairperson, GSETA
Phone: 609-868-4713
Email: ffj@camdencounty.com

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