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Credit Checks and Employment



Over at the HR Bartender blog, human resources staff are discussing the issue of credit checks and hiring with Heather Bussing, an employment attorney practicing labor and employment law prevention. Here are some key points to share with job seekers. 

First, here’s the official summary of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) with links to the law and requirements.…

Friday Link Round-Up

Here are your links for the week. Enjoy!

  • Best Places for One Stops–There's an interesting discussion happening in the NAWDP LinkedIn group on the best places for locating One Stops and ideas about virtual One Stops.

Friday Link Round-Up

As everyone returns to work after the 2011 GSETA Conference, here's your round-up of links for the week:

Friday Link Round-Up

Here's your round-up of links for the week:

  • Why Our Employment Figures are Wrong–Reuters points out that 1/3 of the workforce–the latest number believed to be employed as freelance/contingent workers–are not included in the BLS employment statistics.