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Use Acts of Kindness to Boost Productivity

Kindness Offensive:  Everyday Kindness Awards

Looking for a way to help staff feel less pressured about time? Look no further than a recent study by researchers at Wharton, Yale and Harvard (mentioned in this week's Sunday Times )who found:

giving workers menial tasks or, surprisingly, longer breaks actually leads them to believe that they have less time, while having them write to a sick child, for instance, makes them feel more in control and “willing to commit to future engagements despite their busy schedules.” The idea is that completing an altruistic task increases your sense of productivity, which in turn boosts your confidence about finishing everything else you need to do. 

So maybe promoting random acts of kindness at work is your next big productivity hack. …

Greater Newark Alliance Funders Collaborative Healthcare RFP

The Newark Alliance-led Greater Newark Workforce Funders Collaborative seeks to create workforce innovations that position workers for family-sustaining careers and help employers to meet their skills needs and thereby realize better return on investments in entry-level workers.   As such on Friday the Collaborative announced a notice of grant opportunity for grants totaling $300,000 to develop employer-led or employer-centric workforce partnerships to train northern New Jersey low-skilled adults and entry-level incumbent workers for healthcare careers.  The Collaborative envisions this effort as being a catalyst for creating a sustainable healthcare workforce development pipeline.…