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The Hollowing Out: How Technology is Contributing to Unemployment

Hollowing OUt

Erik Brynjolfsson, a professor at the M.I.T. Sloan School of Management, and Andrew McAfee, a research scientist at M.I.T.’s Center for Digital Business take on the issue of America's disappearing middle jobs:

Since the Great Recession officially ended in June of 2009 G.D.P., equipment investment, and total corporate profits have rebounded, and are now at their all-time highs.

An Introduction to Content Curation for WIBs and One Stops

Content Curation for Nonprofits
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In an age of information overload, one of the most valuable services WIBs and One Stop Career Centers can provide to their job seeker and employer customers is to become outstanding "content curators." There is simply too much information online for people to weed through and organizations that are able to effectively find, select and repackage relevant, high quality information will be positioning themselves well. 

What is Content Curation? 

According to Beth Kanter, one of the finest nonprofit content curators on the planet, content curation is the "finding, organizing, filtering and 'making sense sense of' information on the web and sharing the very best of that content with your network." Content curators are editors of sorts, looking for the best information and resources to benefit their various stakeholders. 

Why Be A Content Curator? 

Content curation is first and foremost a valuable service–you help your customers make sense of the constant stream of content that comes at them.…

New Study Identifies Cost-Effective Changes to Local Workforce Training Programs to Improve Outcomes of Individual Training Accounts

According to findings from a new study, job seekers in the United States could realize potential net benefits over 20 years of approximately $41,000 per eligible person if local workforce training agencies implemented training programs that combine higher, more flexible individual limits for expenditures on state-approved training with support from training counselors.…