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Friday Link Round-Up

Here are your links for this Friday morning:

  • Attacking the Job Market Pro-Actively in Tough Times–Quintcareers asked experts to complete this sentence: "If you could offer one piece of advice for how workers and job-seekers can be proactive regarding their jobs and careers at this difficult time, it would be ________________________." This is the advice they compiled. 

Friday Link Round-Up

Here are your links for this chilly Friday morning:

  • 10 Tools for Job Search–This ebook includes links to downloadable templates that can be used in the job search, including a spreadsheet for evaluating job offers, an expense tracker and a tool for networking groups. 
  • Industry Keywords–Pepper these throughout your resume to get higher search rankings when you submit your resume to a company's database. 
  • Guide to Using Google for Job Search–Although many job seekers don't realize this, Google can be a powerful search engine for finding job opportunities once they master the basics of effective searching. 
  • Free Online Trainings–A nice list of free tutorials and online trainings that job seekers can access while they're unemployed to keep skills current or learn new skills. 

Friday Link Round-Up

Here are your links for this first Friday in October:

  • Social Recruiting in the US–Good breakdown of how employers in different regions and industries are using different social media channels for recruiting. 
  • How "Power Posing" Can Boost Your Confidence–Researchers have found that just two minutes a day of "power posing"–assuming the physical poses associated with power–can improve confidence and performance, especially in social stress situations like interviews. 

Upcoming GSETA Institute Training on Helping GA/TANF and UI Exhaustees Find Employment

The GSETA Institute is sponsoring two one-day training sessions in the Northern/Central and Southern regions in October that will cover two topics: 

Real Steps on How to Get Your GA and TANF Customers on the
Road to Employment

Did you know that

  • Almost 85% of available jobs in
    less than 15 years will require college.

ARCHIVED WEBINAR & RESOURCES–NJ Labor Market Information: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Want to learn more about NJ's hottest industries and occupations? Frank Ferdetta and Chet Chinsky of the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development give us the latest numbers in this recorded webinar and slides. 




Information on NJ's Talent Networks


Chet Chinsky


Division of Labor Market & Demographic Research



Frank Ferdetta

Bureau Chief

Division of Labor Market & Demographic Research