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Advocates for Workforce Policy and Development

To provide leadership, and promote quality and excellence for the advancement of New Jersey’s workforce development system and its customers and professionals.

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GSETA Institute

The Institute was established to provide professional development opportunities to workforce development professionals, including frontline staff, supervisors, and administrators.

By utilizing top tier trainers, the Institute has become New Jersey’s leading workforce training provider, focusing on trends, strategies and best practices that further foster the continuous improvement of our members’ organizations. The Institute also coordinates breakout sessions and workshops for GSETA’s Annual Conference, with special emphasis on workforce policy updates, and system enhancements. Visit our Professional Development page for more information.

GSETA Committees offer workforce development professionals an opportunity to learn, share and innovate.

WDB Director’s Committee

A New Jersey workforce system that meets the needs of the business community and provides career-sustaining opportunities for job seekers.

Operations Committee

Sharing best practices and innovative initiatives for New Jersey's One-Stop Career Centers ensure effective outcomes for external and internal customers.

Youth Comittee

Workforce system partners work to ensure New Jersey's future - it's youth members - are being well-served.

MIS Committee

Metrics are a key part of the workforce system. This group looks at the data and system practices regularly to ensure understanding and adoption of best practices.

Fiscal Committee

The workforce system is funded by federal and state dollars, so fiscal accountability and accuracy are key practices to understand and maximize.

Monitoring Committee

Continuous improvement processes allow local areas to achieve compliance with State directives.

Professional Development Committee

Timely, relevant and cutting edge professional development opportunities.

Conference Committee

Leadership and exhilarating promotion of excellence to advance NJ’s Workforce Expansion for customers and professionals.

Professional Development

We offer a wide array of services aimed at improving your job skills and training

Professional Development

Training opportunities for workforce development professionals.


Annual two-day event that enhances the skills of all partners in the workforce development system.


Real-time workforce development information and resources.

GSETA Membership

The membership of GSETA allows for each of New Jersey’s Local Workforce Areas to maintain representation.

All members serve as volunteers, and there are no paid staff. GSETA’s Executive Committee consists of a President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and three Trustees, all of whom are elected bi- annually by the membership.

Members of GSETA are, predominantly, the Directors and Administrators of New Jersey’s publicly funded employment and training programs. Included are the local Workforce Development Board Directors and the Administrators of various programs authorized under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, the Workforce Development Program, Welfare-to-Work, Work First New Jersey, and other employment and training initiatives.

The Disruption by Design training was engaging and informative and I found the presenter to be knowledgeable and relatable.

Casey FoglerProgram Analyst

My favorite part of the workshops series was the Individual Resiliency Assessment… The assessment resonated with me because it gave me an understanding of why I may think the way I do or how or I handle stress, and adjust to change etc. in the workplace environment but in my everyday life too.

Kimberly ClaytonYouth Program Coordinator/Career Resource Specialist