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Workshop: Participatory Management: Melting Resistance to change away

Speaker: Rick Maher

The Masterclass Workshop Series has been designed as a natural follow up on the session at last Fall’s GSETA State Conference session entitled “The Six Traits of Agile Organizations and the Leaders Who Lead Them.” While attendance at that session is not required as a pre-requisite, this Series will “drill down” on skills/concepts introduced at the Conference and help
folks apply new leadership skills to managing themselves and others through change and uncertainty. The topics in the series are aligned with the Six Traits of agile organizational culture as they appear in the research. The six traits are: Transformational Leadership, High Organizational Justice (trust), Positive Communications, Participatory Management, Social Support, and Group Engagement. This series of virtual workshops will help participants recognize and assess their strengths and areas for professional development and develop skills to help them better lead themselves and others through change.

Please fill out the form linked below to obtain access to courses. Any questions, please reach out to Samantha Pfeiffer

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May 09 2023


9:30 am - 11:00 am